The Best Router Settings for PlayStation Gaming [PS4]

The section covers a bunch of router settings that will improve your Playstation gaming performance in multiple ways. Ranging from gaming dedicated routers to generic wireless routers, the list includes instructions for QoS Prioritization, using gaming VPNs, enabling plug and play, using static IP, and port forwarding to your advantage.

Gaming consoles are improving every day in terms of technology and performance. Better still, these consoles are capable of more than just providing optimal visuals for video games. From connecting the system to many devices so you can purchase games to playing with people all over the world, there’s something for everyone. There’s more since you’ll be able to utilize it to surf the internet. However, there is a catch: all of this needs a stellar internet connection. Best Router Settings For Gaming PS4.Here’s where the finest PS4 router can help. That’s just part of it; there’s also the issue of setup, since you’ll need to find the best router settings for PS4 gaming. Don’t worry, you’ll find almost everything you need to get things set up correctly and start enjoying the finest possible connectivity right here. Let’s get started since we’ve got a lot to do.

Best Router Settings For Gaming PS4

It’s not just about having the proper hardware in your gaming PC; it’s also important having the right router with the right settings. Because, despite how many frames your system can push in games like Fortnite, CS: GO, or Apex Legends, you won’t be able to view them if your router is not able to send and receive data quickly enough.Here’s where and how to start when it comes to increasing your internet connectivity if you really want to get the most out of your online gaming experience.

What Is The Speed Of Your Internet Connection?

Before you start messing with your router, make sure you test your internet speed to ensure you’re getting the speeds you paid for. Go to Ookla’s Speed Test page and press the large red Go button. If the results don’t match what you expected at the end of the test, you’ll need to contact your ISP for assistance.

In general, 15-20Mbps is plenty for gaming alone, but keep in mind that the more devices linked to your router, the more bandwidth is consumed. In other words, you could have enough bandwidth for online gaming when no one else is home, but when the house is a hive of activity with a few cell phones, a tablet or two browsings YouTube, and a smart TV streaming 4K blockbusters, you might find there’s very little left for all those online gaming sessions. In this scenario, a download speed of 40-60Mbps should provide enough breathing room for digitally active surroundings, however, in very well-connected and energetic houses, an ultrafast 100Mbps download speed may be required.

You’ll gain a few more advantages from higher download speeds in addition to a more smooth online experience. If you listen to music or listen to podcasts while playing, you won’t have to worry about those services competing for bandwidth. You’ll also notice considerably quicker install speeds whenever you download a new game, which is a pleasant bonus given the state of certain AAA releases these days.

What Is A Wireless Router and What Does It Do?

To begin, it’s important to comprehend what the wireless router involves. In essence, this gadget connects to a modem and allows you to connect to the internet without having to hardwire it.It will provide wireless access for internet-connected devices such as laptops, smartphones, and, most importantly, game consoles. Simply connect it to the modem’s Ethernet cable, and it will send the signal to all of the devices that are connected to it.

The Best Router Settings for PS4 Gaming

You may configure your router in a variety of ways to make it ideal for PS4 use. Basically, we want to make sure that the NAT Type is open, and that your PS4’s network status shows Type 1 or Type 2 for the NAT Type. This may be found under Settings > Network > Connection Status.

  • Make sure uPnP is turned on (Universal Plug and Play).
  • Use a static IP address.
  • Enable DMZ or Port Forwarding.
  • Check to see whether you’re on the 5GHz spectrum.

uPnP Should Be Enabled

By allowing port forwarding with no effort, uPnP will save you a lot of time. All you have to do is enable it in the router’s admin panel. To make sure it’s enabled, follow the steps below:

  • Any device that is linked to your router may open a browser.
  • The router’s admin panel address may be found in the handbook. Typically, this is Enter it in your browser and log in with the credentials from the instructions to access the router. The username and password are usually admin and 1234.
  • Locate the uPnP option once inside. It’s generally found in the Advanced Menu or something along those lines. Allow the option to be enabled, then save and restart the router.

Check the network status on your PS4 to see if the NAT is open – Type 1 or Type 2. You may verify this under Settings > Network > Connection Status once again.If this works for you, you may forgo utilizing a static IP or port forwarding.

Using a Static IP Address

A Type 2 network status may generally be shown on a PS4 with Static IP enabled. Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to Settings > Network > Connection Status on your console. The IP and MAC addresses should be saved for further use.
  • Re-enter the admin panel of the router.
  • Locate the DHCP Server option once inside. It’s generally located in the LAN Menu or under LAN > DHCP Server.
  • Look for Manual Assignment / Assign IP, which generally includes a drop-down menu for the MAC address and a text input box for the IP address.
  • Fill in the blanks using the information from the console. Restart the router after clicking Add / Save.

Check the network status on your PS4 to see if the NAT is open – Type 1 or Type 2.

Enable The DMZ Or Port-Forwarding

External devices can access services on private networks when Port Forwarding or DMZ Port Forwarding is enabled. DMZ, on the other hand, sends all available ports to a DMZ-enabled device. Port Forwarding that is unfiltered. You have the option of setting up both, but you must pick one.

  • Reboot your router and go into the admin panel.
  • On your router, locate Port Forwarding / DMZ. These are usually found under the Advanced menu.
  • TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, and UDP 3478, 3479 should be added to the Port Forwarding rules.
  • In the DMZ field, provide the IP address of your console.
  • Restart your router after saving the settings.
  • Check the network status on your PS4 to see whether the NAT is open once more.

PS4 Slim and Pro can connect to the 5GHz band.

To increase wireless connection speed, connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi access point. If you’re not sure what kind of Wi-Fi connection you have, take these steps:

  • To use Wi-Fi, go to Settings > Network > Setup Internet Connection > Easy.
  • Then choose Wi-Fi Frequency Bands from the Options menu.
  • If 5GHz is displayed, choose it and hit X. PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro versions support the 5GHz frequency range.
  • If you don’t have a PS4 Slim or Pro, you’ll have to rely on a wired connection. That is, unless your 2.4GHz network is overcrowded.

Upgrade Your Router

Finally, it’s possible that the reason your connection speeds aren’t as fast as they should be is because your router is outdated for contemporary communication requirements. This might indicate that the router’s hardware is no longer up to standard (typically a sluggish CPU and inadequate RAM), or that it lacks modern capabilities like QoS or MU-MIMO, as you may have learned while reading this article.If everything else on this list has failed you or isn’t an option in the firmware, it’s probably time for an upgrade.


The gaming router enhances your gaming by giving you additional control in establishing secure channels, choosing gaming servers, and resource allocation. It gives you an edge in competitive gaming.

The optimization in the settings is not only limited to gaming routers. Even without a dedicated gaming router, one can easily optimize your internet to improve your gaming experience through the steps mentioned above.

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