How to Reset an AT&T Router or Modem[Step-By-Step Explained In 2022]

Whether you’re troubleshooting or setting up a new network, factory resetting your router or modem is sometimes necessary. AT&T U-Verse users can reset their devices to factory default, as well.Resetting your device will erase data like your WiFi name and password. Be sure you’re ready to reset the device before proceeding.

If you’re having problems with your AT&T U-verse router, such as being unable to connect to the internet, try disconnecting it, waiting a few seconds, and then putting it back in. If it doesn’t work, you may try resetting it to factory defaults. If you have any difficulties or queries, or if your AT&T U-verse modem won’t reset, contact AT&T for assistance. So how to reset the AT&T router? Read our step-by-step guide to find out.

How To Reset AT&T Router

Factory resetting your router or modem is occasionally essential while troubleshooting or setting up a new network. Users of AT&T U-Verse may also restore their devices to factory settings.Your WiFi name and password will be erased if you reset your device. Before you begin, make sure you’re ready to reset the device.

1. You Should Restart Your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway

Consider resetting your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway or router if you’re having problems connecting to it from your home devices or can’t access the internet after you’re connected. To begin, disconnect the gadget from the wall or power strip it is connected to. You’ll also want to disconnect the phone connection from the device if it’s a digital subscriber line, or DSL, a modem that connects through a regular phone line.

Remove the internal battery if the router has one for backup and unplug the router from all power sources. Make a mental note of how the battery goes into the gadget so you can correctly replace it. If you’re not sure if it has a battery, read the paperwork that came with it or seek online using another device linked to the internet, such as a mobile phone connected to the cell network.Wait 20 seconds after all power has been unplugged. Then, if you have one, replace the battery and reconnect the gadget to the phone line if necessary, as well as the power outlet. Return the gadget to its original location and wait up to 10 minutes for it to restart.

2. Reset the Factory Settings on Your Router

You can reset your router to factory settings if restarting it isn’t enough. Any custom modifications you’ve made to its setups, such as selecting a custom Wi-Fi network name or a specific IP address, will be lost.Hold the reset button on the AT&T router for at least 10 seconds to restore factory settings. Wait for all of the lights to turn green, then double-check that the broadband or status light remains solid green. The AT&T U-verse modem will not reset its factory settings if you don’t press the button down long enough, however it may reboot.

3. U-verse Modem Lights from AT&T

If your AT&T U-verse modem isn’t working, the lights on it might help you figure out what’s wrong. There are usually indicators that indicate the condition of the modem’s connection to Wi-Fi, electrical power, battery life, and the AT&T external network.Each of these lights has a variety of color-coded states that may be used to show the device’s condition. To figure out what the lights are attempting to tell you, go to AT&T’s website and look up your modem’s online documentation.

4. Other Suggestions for Troubleshooting

If you’re an AT&T client who’s having problems with your internet router, you may always call AT&T for help. If you don’t have AT&T, contact your own internet provider.To begin, it may be beneficial to try to narrow down the issue. Check to see whether several devices are experiencing issues connecting, or if only one is, in which case it might be a device issue. Check the modem lights to see what they’re reporting and see if it fits your experience.

You may also try changing any physical cords hooked into the router, such as phone and Ethernet connections if they have been broken.

As a result, the query is, “How can I reset my AT&T bgw210 router?”

Turn the Arris BGW210-700 ATT router around so you can see the back panel to find the reset button. While the router is turned on, take a tiny sharp item and press down on the reset button for around 10 seconds. This starts the reset process, which might take several minutes or longer.

What should the lights on my ATT Uverse modem be?

The WiFi Gateway is turned on if the power indicator is solid green. If the power light is blinking red, the machine is doing a self-test to ensure appropriate operation. The solid red power light indicates a problem, it indicates a problem: the device is unable to boot up or a fault has occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resetting the modem and inspecting wires and connections is advised if you have a Blinking or Solid Red Broadband light: Reset your modem: For 20 seconds, press and hold the reset button on the modem’s back. This might get your services up and running. Examine the connections: they might become loose if knocked into.

Connect your gadget Connect an Ethernet wire from your router’s internet connection to the AT&T gateway’s yellow Ethernet connector. Check to see if your router is on the same network as the AT&T gateway. This may result in IP address conflicts. The AT&T gateway is configured to 192.168. x by default.

As a result, we had AT&T come out and replace the router with a somewhat better one. However, according to the firm, you may still connect your own Wi-Fi router to one of the gateway’s LAN ports and use that for wifi instead of the Wi-Fi that comes with AT&T’s gateway.

Here’s how to get your AT&T connection up and running: Connect one end of the green wired connection to your gateway’s green broadband port. Connect the other end to your wall’s AT&T Broadband jack. Plug the black power wire into an electrical outlet and connect it to the rear of your gateway.


This is one of the rare instances when I would advise against using a router. They’ll make the gadget “less secure” at random, making it easy to secure it again. The only thing I wish they had done was to allow this to operate with the router (due to their inability to provide bespoke software-built routing/custom control). This, I believe, will offer them greater control over their router firmware and hardware, allowing them to use their own firewalls instead of relying on the crappy router firmware.

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