How to make a Video Call with my Samsung Tablet

Most people think video calling is only useful when it’s someone’s birthday or a big event that you need to see in real life. But there’s another way to use video calling to talk to your loved ones when you’re away from home.

It’s great for checking in with family, friends, and colleagues and you won’t have to worry about being disturbed by ringing phones or constant notifications. Especially seniors will also use tablets for video calls to keep in touch with their families.

But if you have no idea how to set up video calls on a Samsung tablet, you’ll be frustrated when you try. But don’t worry, It’s simple. You can use a tablet for video calling by using apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Viber.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a video call on a Samsung tablet.

How to Make Video Call on Samsung Tablet

Video call on a Samsung Galaxy tablet provides you the freedom to connect with your loved ones even if you are miles away from home. You can do video calls with the Samsung video calling app.

Step 01: Install Samsung Video Calling App

The first step to making a video call on a Samsung tablet is to install the Samsung video calling app. The Samsung video calling app is available on Google Play Store. You can download it from the link below.

Step 02: Connect Samsung Tablet to WiFi

After you have installed the Samsung video calling app, you can make a video call on a Samsung tablet. Make sure that your Samsung tablet is connected to the internet via WiFi.

Step 03: Open Samsung Video Calling App

Open the Samsung video calling app and tap on the “+” sign.

Step 04: Add Your Contact

On the home screen, tap on the menu icon and then tap on “Add Contact”.

Step 05: Enter Your Contact’s Details

You will be asked to enter your contact details such as name, email, phone number, and social media.

Step 06: Enter the Number of People You Want to Video Call

Tap on the menu icon and then tap on “People”.

Step 07: Choose the Number of People You Want to Video Call

You can either video call with one person or multiple people. Tap on the number of people you want to video call.

Step 08: Tap on “Start Video Call”

After you have selected the number of people you want to video call, tap on “Start Video Call”.

Step 09: Enjoy Video Calling

You will be able to see the person’s face on the screen. You can use the camera on your Samsung tablet to make a video call.

Step 10: End the Video Call

Tap on the “x” sign at the bottom of the screen to end the video call.

Why Can I Not Video Call On My Samsung??

If your Samsung tablet is connected to the internet via a WiFi network, you will be able to make a video call. If you can’t make a video call, make sure that your WiFi network is working properly.Troubleshoot your WiFi connection by turning off your WiFi and then turning it back on. If that doesn’t work, then check your WiFi connection by trying to connect to another WiFi network. Check your 3G/4G/5G connections also.

Restart your tablet device by pressing and holding the power button. Always make sure that you have a good power supply and that the battery is fully charged.

Can You Video Chat On A Galaxy Tablet?

Yes, you can do video chat on your galaxy tablet by using Google Duo. Whether you are using an android phone, tablet or web, you can stay in touch with Duo. The app has a few features that make it easy to video chat. You can install the video calling app on your Galaxy tablet, and enjoy the great virtual experience. Make sure your Wifi or 4G/5G/ is connected properly. Furthermore, you can make a video call with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Can You Use A Tablet To Video Call?

Android tablets are more than just a replacement for a laptop or desktop. Tablets are powerful mobile devices that are designed to handle a wide range of tasks. For example, you can easily make a video call, and stay connected with your loved ones in just a second. Video call on a tablet is much easier than you think.All you need to do is install Samsung calling app on your tablet and then start making video calls. And enjoy video calling with your friends and family. There are other Facetime apps are available on Playstore, you can also try them out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Samsung Have A Video Chat App?

Yes, Samsung has a video chat app called ChatON. You can download it from the Samsung Apps Store.

What Kind Of Camera Do I Need To Make A Video Call?

It depends on the kind of device you are using. For Android devices, you can use a front-facing camera. For iOS devices, you can use the rear-facing camera.

What Are The Requirements For Making A Video Call On Tablet?

To make a video call, you will need to make sure that the tablet you are using has a camera. And also you need to make sure that you have the best Wifi connection or 4G/5G signals reachable.


Video calling is a great way to connect with people across the world, especially when you are busy and can’t meet up in person. You can use your Samsung Galaxy tablet to make video calls to anyone on the internet, including family and friends in different locations. All you need to download the video calling apps on your Samsung tablet. Plus, make sure you and the other person with whom you are virtually connected use the best wifi connection. So, you can have a great Facetime experience.

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